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Abba calls His bride out of Egypt (the world) into the dessert on a journey to her promised land. A journey back to the garden – the place of intimacy with her Abba. A place where your fruits are the result of your intimacy with the Father – where there is no place for religion. A place where your fruits are the product of obedience that was birthed out of knowledge that you gained while spending time with your Father. It is a place where your heart can become one with His heart. There He can cultivate His fruit in you. It is also in the dessert that Abba establishes His covenant with you.

The dessert is the place where you learn to hunger and thirst for Him, a place where only He satisfy. It is an invitation to SUBMISSION. We all want to skip the desert because we think of suffering, when in fact it is a beautiful place – a place where all is stripped and dependency on the Lord is cultivated. A place where miracles occur each day.  A place where the Lord journeys with you - in the day as a Cloud, shading you. At night as a fire – warming you. His provision is real – each day enough for that day - His presence and provision is real.

The Invitation
(Ref 6/17

On Eagles Wings
(Ref 12/17

The HIGH Priestly Prayer
(Ref 14/17) SOLD

Running with Horses
(Ref 13/17) SOLD

By His Power
(Ref 9/17)

Following Him into the Desert
(Ref 10/17)

Highway of Holiness
(Ref 7/17)

It Shall Sprout I
(Ref 18/16) SOLD

My Chosen
(Ref 25/16)

It shall Sprout II
(Ref 19/16)

The Archer
(Ref 11/17)

Our Protector
(Ref 8/17)

Bloom in the Desert I
(Ref 26/16)

Bloom in the Desert II
(Ref 20/16)SOLD

Bloom where you are planted II
(Ref 30/16)

Bloom where you are planted I
(Ref 27/16) SOLD

A Way in the wilderness
(Ref 31/16)

Beauty in the Desert
(Ref 32/16)
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