"The Good Shepherd"
Ref 33/10

... as a shepherd carries a lamb, I have carried you close to my heart.... Isaiah 40 :11

The mood is more serious. Trouble will always come because we have an enemy who wants to kill and destroy us.  Our Father will never leave us and carries us high on His shoulders. He teaches us His ways, to hold onto Him and to look into the future with a hope in our hearts. 
The colours of both the boy and Father’s clothes are the same symbolizing the fact that it is the Father’s desire to form us in the image of His son.  “ Like Father like Son”  placing on us His mantle.  The background colours symbolize them walking out of the darkness into the Light.
 The Father’s flesh colour is more radiant; yellow, with a glow, symbolizing the presence of the Holy Spirit - His closeness. It is in the valley that we experience His closeness the most.  This painting portrays hope.  He will leave the 99 behind to go and search  - till He finds the one that was lost. He loves you!

Oil painting done on stretched canvas (3 cm thick).
Painting does not need to be framed—sides are painted as well

Size of canvas is 900 x 1350 mm


No Prints Available bigger than A2


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