The Spirit of Wisdom
(Ref 24/12)

Oil Painting on boxed canvas
Size 700 x 1000 mm


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The Spirit of Understanding

 Just because we have God's Wisdom written and inscribed in our hearts does not necessarily mean that we'll understand that Wisdom.  This is a whole other step.
 The Spirit of Understanding is God's supernatural revelation - His secret insights to His Word.  Understanding simply means a "putting together" or a comprehending or a grasping of His Word.  The Spirit of God illuminates our hearts and gives us understanding of His Wisdom.  In other words, He "turns on the lights for us." Understanding is the Key to God’s Wisdom.

How many times have you sat down and read God's Word, gotten up and not remembered a thing you read?  Well, God's Spirit of Understanding was not operating.
What good is God's Wisdom (His Word), without our being able to understand it and apply it to our lives?  Psalm 119:27 is a good prayer, "Make me to understand the way of thy precepts: so shall I talk of Thy wondrous works."
The point is, we must have God's understanding of His Wisdom before we can begin to apply it to our lives and before we can pass it on to others.
As we read God's Word, it's the Spirit of Understanding that will reveal and expose these things so that we can "deal" with them.  When we don't read the Word and the Spirit of Understanding is not allowed to operate, then we won't be able to see or find our way.  Hosea 4:14 says "...people that do not understand shall fall."
 All of us have God's written Wisdom lying in our laps, but many of us, because of busyness, distractions, hurts, unbelief, and other self-centered thoughts and emotions, don't take the time to sit at God's feet, listen and hear what He wants us to say to us.  Instead, we depend upon what we think and feel, what  others are telling us and what our circumstances are.  Consequently, when God allows "trials" in our lives, we don't understand what He requires of us, nor how to act.  Thus, we end up falling before we even begin.
 "Through Wisdom is a house builded; and by Understanding it is established: [But] by Knowledge shall all the chambers be filled." (Proverbs 24:3-4)
To truly discern is to know the mind and heart of God. To have this heart within you, is a guiding light of wisdom and knowledge that discerns and knows the truth. In this anointing we know of certainty that God is our Father; and that the Bible is his divine voice speaking the word of truth. By this anointing we know that we are aliens and sojourners among a people of unclean hearts and lips. We know that the  human voices written or spoken, are more often than not speaking from personal vanity and not from divine revelation. But upon occasion we also discern who is of God and who is seeking his own gain. We know whether a righteous man be sent from God or whether a prophet be sent to us from God carrying an enlightened message from heaven. Those who discern receive a righteous man's reward or a prophet's reward.
The Spirit of Wisdom and the Spirit of Understanding work together. Though their works are similar, each plays a distinct role in the accomplishment of the LORD GOD’s Will. When the Spirit of Wisdom builds a Christian’s house (his ordered, knowledgeable, unwavering and undeniable beliefs built on the foundation of Christ), then the Spirit of Understanding establishes these truths so the presence of the LORD GOD can come to the Christian’s house
When a Christian is filled with the Spirit of Wisdom and the Spirit of Understanding, he is able to know the Will of the LORD GOD.

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