"As a Deer"
(Ref 15/21

Oil painting done on stretched canvas.
No need to frame - ready to hang on wall

Size of canvas : 80 x 60cm

R14 000
Postage within South-Africa is included

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against the S-African Rand

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The hind/deer is the emblem of loveliness. 

Gen 49:21  ‘Naphtali is a hind let loose: he giveth goodly words.’

Hind in Hebrew is “ayâlâh”. It means Hind or deer. The root word is “Ayil”. It means strength, chief or leader, an oak (tree) and also a mighty man. The picture of a leadership role or mighty type of warrior. A picture that depicts the strength in battle. 

Psl 29:9  “the voice of the Lord makes hinds to calve”. When look at this verse it actually says the voice of the Lord makes strong leaders turn. In other words, whether it is a hind, creation, man, whether Abba Father speaks, there is going to be a reaction from creation. And it will turn the hearts of strong leaders towards Abba Father - all of creation.

Naphtali, your name means to wrestle in the context of battle/war with the objection to win, Jacob prophecy over him there will be a strength in that leadership. In that battle will be a strength and good words. Jacob says you are a hind let loose, this action of let loose is “shâlach”. Meaning to send out / send forth. Like a branch that sprouts forth. It’s this picture of battle/warfare there is going to be a very specific strength in these battle tactics that are going to shoot forth almost like a branch that shoots forth or is sent forth.

Naphtali had a gladiator type of personality when it came to battle. They put their lives on the line. They were almost like special forces in warfare, gladiators with boldness in war. They were swift in battle like a hind. We see the picture of a hind when David writes in Psl 18:33 about the feet of a hind that were known to be swift in battle. Psa 18:33  “He maketh my feet like hinds' feet, and setteth me upon my high places.” 

In other words, YHVH gives me the strength when I need it in these high places of battle.

To put this all together, we have to realize we are in a great spiritual war against the enemy, but also in this war for souls. The Great Commission. Matt 28:19. This is the commission for the body of Messiah. We have to display the character of Naphtali in this. This is what Abba Father is calling us to. In a boldness, not to be afraid, swift, to rise and say I will go. Not afraid to rush into the battle for souls. To drive out darkness exactly what was prophecies over Naphtali or the area - “Those who lived in darkness will see this glorious light and they will find that joy again because unto them a savior is born”.  And the good news is that a saviour was born. The Gospel. This is the good news and we should be swift to take that good news out. 

Like Naphtali and David, God make our feet like a hind. On high places He has set us. That excellence, that moving, swiftness in which they could move in battle.

Psa 40:2  He brought me up also out of a horrible pit, out of the miry clay, and set my feet on a rock, and gave sureness to my steps.  MKJV
Looking at the deer, there is so may spiritual lessons we can learn from observing it. Just look at the female deer how she lead her young up the mountains. Her sure-footedness. Her physical coordination to keep climbing these high rocks where no predators  can reach them.  The deer moves forward by leaping from one spot to another. It positions its front foot on secure rock and the hind feet lands on the exact same spot. If it was not so and the hind feet would land on loose rocks, it would slip and fall. The ability to do this was given to the deer by its Creator. He did not have to learn this or practice this. It is instinct.
So likewise our heavenly Father Will set my feet on a rock – on Christ. He will give me sureness of steps. I do not have to work for it. It is a free gift.

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