THE Shofar and Sword
(Ref 11/18

Oil painting done on boxed canvas (45 mm thick)
The sides are painted - ready to hang on the wall

Size of canvas : 1400 X 800 mm


Watch a video to see the image


Two symbolic items of what the bride's purpose and mandate are
the SHOFAR (worship, intercession, declaration) and the SWORD (war in the heavenlies against the enemy).
Take up your Shofar and Sword bride of Yeshua! It is Time to walk in your Mandate - WE are the ARMY OF GOD moving with His presence and power to each place. We MUST keep walking with Him, praying, trusting, surrendering and following Him as He moves across the land into every place until this whole land is filled with His presence and power.

You are NOT called up for a vacation. You are not called up to a life of leisure - you are enrolled in a war. It can and will cost you your life!


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